What is Clear Transition?

Clear Transition is a way to better address the people, culture and organisation elements of personal and business transitions, transformations and change.

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Our offer
Our unique offering draws on three different but related themes:

  • People, Organisation and HR elements of business, transition and change
  • Geographic and organisational cultures and inter-cultural diversity
  • Executive effectiveness, motivation and retention

Our proposition is that if you can get these right, you can increase your chances of success; avoid the pitfalls that lead so many companies to value loss and failure arising from M&As and other change programmes; save money; keep your people; sustain the change.

Understanding the risks
Using M&As as an example, let us first explore the 'pain' involved in such a transition:

  1. Financial
    • Losses associated with deal failure or delay
    • Loss of people, knowledge
    • Loss of money
    • Loss of value
  2. Reputation
    • Success and failure have an immediate impact on your corporate reputation
    • Gaining a reputation as a 'buyer' of choice improves your future success rate
    • Managing your employer brand is critical to retention of talent as well as your ability to recruit
    • On a personal basis – this is a unique chance for the leaders to leave a legacy and create personal reputation
  3. Legal
    • Costly and time consuming litigation can delay the deal and erode value
    • Legal action by employees will damage your reputation, cost time, take money and potentially hijack your change agenda
    • Transition costs needs to be kept as low as possible
  4. Cultural
    • Misjudging the cultural impact will lead to conflict, low productivity and a lack of engagement
    • Merging two different leadership cultures requires thought and skill if you are to avoid indecisiveness, political agendas, resistance to change, loss of business
    • Pan-geography leadership requires different skills and capabilities

Given the above, it is little wonder that as many as 80% of merger fail.

Contact Us The positive news, however, is that it is possible to be successful and that we can help you with the people, culture and organisation side that is so critical to this success.

To find out more, or just talk things through, contact us.

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