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Clear Transition offers training, consulting, mentoring and facilitation to companies (and their executives and leaders) facing business change, frequently as a consequent of merger and acquisition activity but also other business transformations (geographic expansion, downsizing, offshoring, outsourcing etc).

Innumerable confusions and a feeling of despair invariably emerge in periods of great technological and cultural transition.

Marshall McLuhan

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We offer a number of solutions to clear the confusion

Information and advice

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All our programmes come with free follow up telephone support.

And we are available if you want to give us a call to chat through an issue or an idea.

Lisette Howlett on +44 207 512 9878 or 07888 706572

Neil Urquhart on +44 207 231 8185 or 07979 246660

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Presentations, Workshops and Executive Presentations

Suitable for Managers and Executives who have or will be facing the challenge of leading their organisation or department though an organisation transitions.

We make key note presentations at various conferences, leadership team meetings, lunch time and after dinner talks.

Here is an example of a talk we are giving at a conference.

Executive Seminar or Masterclass

Suitable for Executives and non Executive Directors.

These sessions aim to give a high level appreciation for the opportunities that can be gained and risk mitigated.


Suitable for Executives, Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders and teams who are embarking on an organisation transition.

We take a modular approach and work with you to design a workshop that will best meet your needs and cover the topics that are of particular interest and importance to your organisation. We can do these as a one off or as a series of integrated development for key managers and leaders.

All our workshops include a design phase which involved speaking to some or all of the key stakeholders to ensure our workshops are fully aligned to the your organisation's challenges and particular learning needs.

Following each workshop we offer the opportunity for a post workshop telephone coaching session to help consolidate learning. This offer underpins our commitment to embedding the learning in your organisation and is integral to our approach, and free of charge.

Our modules include:

  • integration strategy and options
  • risk identification and mitigation
  • ensuring partner or buyer of choice status
  • culture clash, culture alignment
  • personal transition
  • organisation transition
  • retaining talent
  • sustaining change

Specialist workshops

We run a number of specialist workshops on topics such as: global team building, intercultural working, working in virtual teams, leading virtual teams, leading multidisciplinary projects, working in multidisciplinary projects

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We provide a full range of consulting support to organisations who are considering a significant organisation transition, or have started one already, or have recently completed one.

Our difference lies in that fact that as a consulting group we offer a unique skill set – combining a strong understanding of the individual and organisation aspects of transitions of all kinds with practical experience and a track record of helping organisations reach their goal of sustained change. We are commercially minded, committed to your success, and offer bespoke solutions. We are small enough for you to know that the person you meet is the person who will be working with you but not so small that if one of us breaks a leg your project flounders.

If you have found yourself facing any of the following, contact us to find out how we can help.

Transitions that we work on, in terms of people, culture and organisation, include:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Start Ups
  • Divestments
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Outsourcing
  • Insourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Global Relocation
  • Restructuring and cost alignment processes
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Growth Strategies
  • New Business Strategy

Issues you and your organisation may face during a Transition include the following:

  • Loss of key staff
  • Loss of productivity
  • Angst and concern
  • Loss of management focus
  • Insufficient time to pay attention to all the people elements
  • Disjointed or patchy internal communications
  • Damage to your employment brand
  • Excessive integration costs
  • intra-company/country, inter-cultural communication problems
  • Disconnected activities
  • Poor alignment to goals
  • Low engagement, unsustained change

Each is inherently different – different type of change and challenge coupled with different market factors and different company cultures and life cycles. At the core, however, they all have something in common – People.

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Supporting key individuals through a period of personal or organisational change is critical – both to a successful and sustained change, but also to the motivation, effectiveness and retention of that individual. The costs of getting it wrong and the benefits of getting is right are substantial.

Our mentoring programme works with key senior individuals, and also leadership teams to enable them to make the necessary personal transition and lead their business unit, or company, and its people through the transition.

Each individual programme is developed around the particular individual and organisation needs but to give you an illustration here are some of the key elements:

Individual mentoring

  • Diagnosis of individual strengths, development needs and motivation
  • Development of a mentoring 'contract' including confidentiality, frequency of contact etc
  • Establishing an effective leadership style and leading the change
  • Communications options and strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic alignment
  • Off line support with key presentation preparation and practice

Team mentoring

  • Establishment of the team agenda, ways of working etc
  • Diagnosis of individual and team strengths, development needs, motivation
  • Development of team mentoring 'contract' including confidentiality, frequency of contact etc
  • Support on giving and getting feedback
  • Identification of goals, leadership processes
  • Communication and stakeholder management

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Critical to any successful change programme is the development of a strategy, plan and milestones. We work with Executives and their leadership teams to facilitate the process of strategising and planning the transition programme.

Additionally we facilitate in-house workshops and away days whereby chance is communicated and planned.

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Other Options

In addition, through our partner companies we offer the following:

mlh global hr consulting

mlh global hr consulting is able to support the full range of people and organization elements of M&A activities. Our experience and expertise includes Europe, US and Asia. Whilst not an exhaustive list, the following will give you some indication of the services that we offer to help ensure success: Due Diligence: M&A integration planning: M&A integration: Post M&A learning

Neil Urquhart Associates

NUA offers cross-cultural (sometimes called intercultural) consulting and training to improve communication between your company and your international teams, clients or suppliers. Additionally NUA offers process facilitation for small or large groups, teams and organisations. As well as soft skills training, consulting and coaching to improve the performance of your company, managers and personnel or your own personal performance

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Clear Transition Strategic Transitions Clearly Delivered

  • Lisette Howlett on +44 207 512 9878 or 07888 706572
  • Neil Urquhart on +44 207 231 8185 or 07979 246660

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