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Clear Transition addresses the people and organisational challenges and opportunities associated with business growth and development.

Clear Transition offers training, consulting, mentoring and facilitation to companies (and their executives and leaders) facing business transition and change, frequently as a consequence of merger and acquisition activity but also other business transformations (geographic expansion, downsizing, offshoring, outsourcing etc)

Defining Transition: a change that results in a transformation; moving from one set up to another

All businesses involve people – whether they are employees, stakeholders, customers. Thus all business transitions have an impact on people, and their organisation. Our proposition is that we facilitate companies to get the people and organisation side of transitions right – thereby saving time and effort, angst and attrition, money and value.

Each is inherently different – different type of change and challenge coupled with different market factors and different company cultures and life cycles. At the core, however, they all have something in common – People.

Individual Transition Support

On the individual side we work with executives and their teams either on a one to one or team basis who are going through a personal transition (new appointees to executive roles) or a major role transition (due to significant organisation change), or a particular challenge (responsible for leading that change).

Business Transition Consulting

On the corporate side we help organisations undergoing business transition and transformation including M&As to work through the pre- and post-integration organisation people, HR and cultural issues. Only 20% of M&As succeed with 50% failing also to deliver the promised shareholder value, and 50% of the executive talent departs. The chances of success rise dramatically if attention is paid to the HR and culture areas both during and after the transaction.

Ensuring a successful transition

Ensuring that the people side of the deal is thought through and well planned, pays dividends both in terms of transaction costs and risk reduction but also in terms of value retention. Taking a strategic look at the people, organisation and cultural implications of your intended deal means that you can identify those areas critical to value retention and deal success. Whilst few HR considerations (with the exception of change of control triggered payouts and pensions) adversely affect the financial viability of the deal, they do affect the transaction process, the ongoing operational costs, the value proposition and they take valuable time to sort out.

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If your company is considering a business change or expansion, including a merger or acquisition or is experiencing challenges due to a recently completed one, contact us now via this website. If you are tempted to leave the people elements to 'after' let us share with you a strategy and help you develop an action plan which will increase financial and organisational benefits and protect your investment.

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